Friday, May 29th, 2020

Donate Time to Charity!

Donating your time to charity is a valuable way that you can give back to society and to those less privileged or advantaged than yourself. During tough economic times it can become more and more difficult to give extra money to charitable organizations simply because there isn’t much extra money in your budget. When you donate your time to charity you want to do so after reflecting upon your schedule and making sure you’re collaborating with a well-organized organization.

Things You’ll Need:
Planner, datebook or calendar

Examine your schedule using your datebook, planner or a calendar. Look at free chunks of time where you can donate at least 3 solid hours to a charitable organization. For some people evenings are the best time to do this. For other people it’s weekends.

Visit Research charities that you have a genuine interest in helping because you respect or appreciate the work they do. Charitywatch also grades each charity on a comprehensive scale based on their finances and organization. There is a list of all charities in America, both national and international and links to each organization.

Visit the website of charities that you would like to donate your time to. Make a list of the ones that accept volunteers and note down the contact numbers.

Call each charity and confirm that they are still accepting volunteers. Tell them your availability and ask if that it ideal for them. If possible, arrange a meeting or a convenient time for you to visit and have an informal chat.

Visit the location of each charity. Evaluate the work that is being done there by the volunteers. Does it look like everybody is busy or do a lot of people seem to be standing around bored, waiting for something to do? Does it seem like an environment you’d like to work in? These are all questions that you need to be aware of when making your decision to donate your time to a specific charity.